Mentors of Ayurvedam

The mentors of Ayurvedam, timeless pillars of wisdom, have shaped its remarkable success since ancient times. Their profound contributions and unwavering guidance have propelled Ayurveda to unparalleled heights, instilling it with knowledge, traditions, and expertise. With their immeasurable influence, these esteemed mentors have crafted a legacy intertwined with Ayurvedam's growth and triumphs.

mentors - devendra sir - pillars

Devendra Somnath Pandya


Mr. Devendra Somnath Pandya, a visionary in Ayurveda, is the driving force behind Ayurvedam’s success. With a passion for Ayurveda, he entered the industry in 1981, manufacturing and supplying products to top Ayurvedic companies. As Chairman & MD of Sheetal Ayurved Bhandar Pvt Ltd & Sheetal Medicare Products Pvt Ltd, he refined sourcing, procuring the best products. Mr. Pandya completed courses in Ayurved Lifestyle, Presentation of Ayurvedic Formulation, Ayurvedic Home Remedies, and holds esteemed positions in Ayurveda associations. His dedication and expertise have propelled Ayurvedam to new heights, promoting holistic well-being.

mentors - deepnarayana shukla - pillars

Dr. Deepnarayana V. Shukla

[BAMS MD (AYU) Mum University]

With over 39 years of teaching experience, Dr D.V. Shukla is a well-known name in the world of ayurveda. He retired as HOD of Sharir Rachana, R.A. Podar Medical (Ayu.) College, Mumbai.
Held many prestigious posts in four-decade long career, including that of Member of Inspection Committee & Member of PG Admission of various Ayurvedic Colleges in Maharashtra. With vast knowledge in Marma-Vigyan & Acupressure therapy, he is a coveted authority on ayurveda. He has served as an advisory to Ayur-life & KOMOSTA in India, & treasurer with I-CARE.
Dr. DV Shukla, recipient of “Dhanwantari Award” from Ayush Minister Shri. Shripadji Naik, “Best Teacher Award” from the Health Minister of Kerala, “Prerana Award” by the Agricultural and Horticulture Minister (Maharashtra).

mentors - neena sharma

Dr. Neena Sharma


Dr Neena Sharma brings her unparalleled experience & expertise to our company. The founder of NYA Healthayu International, Kolkata, and ex-VP (R&D), Emami Ltd., Kolkata, she is impeccable with new product identification & holds requisite scientific knowledge to ensure the clinical trials are conducted with utmost precision for accurate analysis & development, assuring smooth licensing, & its marketing is absolutely on-target! With her exponential contribution to the development of internal (Powders, Syrups, Tablets, Asavarista, Bhasmas, Rasayanas etc.) & external Ayurvedic medicines/Herbal Ointments (Cosmetic Creams, Face Packs, Shampoos, Oils, Balms, etc.), she is an exemplary to achieve the distinction of developing speciality items such as Candy, Herbal Teas, Ksarasutra & others, also promoting research for unique formulations for certain challenging disorders. She holds membership of various prestigious national & international associations – A.I.A.S. (P.G.) A (All India Ayurvedic Specialists (P.G.)

mentors - Dr. Vijaydurai - pillars

Dr. V Vijaydurai

[M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D]

Dr V Vijayadurai, who has 32 years of experience in Ayurveda and Cosmetic Manufacturing. He has set up so many manufacturing units in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for major companies.
He is currently Director of E-Mox Manufacturing Lanka Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka.
This company is toll production unit for Emami, Marico, and others


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